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Dish Of chicken When It Is Roasted

This is an excerpt from An Anonymous Andalusian Cookbook
(Andalusia, 13th c. - Charles Perry, trans.)
The original source can be found at David Friedman's website

Dish of Chicken When it is Roasted. Roast a fat hen and anoint it with salt, oil and thyme until it is browned and done; then cut it up and put in the pot and throw in two spoons of murri and the same of vinegar, a spoon of oil, onion chopped with cilantro, salt, spices, leaves of thyme and chopped rue. Put it all on the fire until it comes to a full boil and cook with the flavorings. Then grind up walnuts, almonds and pine nuts, leaving to the side some whole ones and beat [with] three eggs, and cover the contents of the pot with them, and dot with egg yolks and leave over the coals until they bind together and are good. Sprinkle it with pepper and cinnamon, God willing.


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