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Making A Green hen

This is an excerpt from An Anonymous Andalusian Cookbook
(Andalusia, 13th c. - Charles Perry, trans.)
The original source can be found at David Friedman's website

Making a Green Hen. Cut up the hen, joint by joint, clean it and put in a pot; throw in two spoons of vinegar and the same amount of cilantro juice, three spoons of oil, cilantro pounded with half an onion, coriander seed, cumin, pepper, cinnamon, stalks of fennel, "eyes" of citron leaves, almonds, shelled pine-nuts and enough water; cook over moderate coals and take lamb's meat, pound this and place in it everything that goes into meatballs, according to the preceeding. Make with this little meatballs and cook with the hen; reserve some of this meat to cover the contents of the pot with, and if you wish to fry some meatballs, fry them; then break as many eggs as you like and beat them with the meat from the meatballs, which you reserved, and with a little white flour, a spoon of cilantro juice and some pepper; cover the contents of the pot with it and then arrange the almonds in the platter with the meatballs and egg yolks and serve, God willing.


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