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Preparation Of A Tharda Of Two chickens

This is an excerpt from An Anonymous Andalusian Cookbook
(Andalusia, 13th c. - Charles Perry, trans.)
The original source can be found at David Friedman's website

Preparation of a Tharda of Two Chickens, One Stuffed With the Other. Kill two chickens and inflate one of them at the time of its death from the place of killing [the throat], and tie the place of inflating tightly so that no air escapes, and pluck carefully so that the stitches stay intact and the air remains in it while you pluck it. When it is cleaned and its innards are removed, add them to the meat of the second chicken and its innards also, except for the breast meat, which is reserved and made into meatballs. Pound all the meat until it is like brains, and pick out the tendons, and throw on it in the mortar spices, murri, onion pounded with cilantro, salt, two eggs, walnuts and almonds or pine nuts, whichever of the two you can, and let some remain whole. Then mix everything and throw in fresh oil, after adding to it a little water, then stuff the chicken with it. And if there is not enough stuffing, increase it with meat when you make it. When the stuffing of the chicken is completed, put it in the pot and throw on it two spoonfuls of honey and a like amount of oil, and a little saffron and salt, and cover with water, and put on the fire until it begins to boil. Then leave it on a charcoal fire until nearly done. Then throw its meatballs and sanbusaks into it, and I shall describe the making of those at the completion of the tharda, God willing, as I shall describe the mixture of spices. Break eggs into the chicken broth, and when it is done, cover with two eggs. Make for it flatbreads of fine flour, the finest you can get, and do their cooking one on another in a plate, and cover them until, when as many as are needed of them are done, you throw the broth on them little by little, covering them even with a cloth or another plate. When you have taken enough, strain off the excess broth and put the chicken on the tharda and garnish with meatballs, sanbûsaks and eggs broken around it and on it, and sprinkle on it pepper, Chinese cinnamon and cinnamon, God willing.


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