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The Making Of Khabîs

This is an excerpt from An Anonymous Andalusian Cookbook
(Andalusia, 13th c. - Charles Perry, trans.)
The original source can be found at David Friedman's website

The Making of Khabîs. Take coarse wheat grits and sift away its flour and leave it to soak overnight, and in the morning knead it with the foot. Then press the milky liquid out of it, and do this several times. Then leave it until all the milky liquid can be poured off into the bottom of a container, and filter from it all the water...
Do that three or four times, until it diminishes and whitens well. When it whitens, add a little water to it and beat by hand until it is at the point of clinging to the hand. Then put the pan on the fire to warm, then take if off the fire and grease with a little "wheat milk," enough to spread over the bottom of the pan and pervade it all. Let the fire be abating, and when the leaf thickens, pluck it out and put it on a blanket; and make another [and so on] until all the "milk" is used up. Empty [the "leaves"] into the blanket and put in the sun to dry, and take care that the part that was next to the pan be on top, God willing. And he who wants to color it may throw ground saffron into the "milk" and fry the same way, God willing. And he who wants to make khabîs from rice should wash it several times in hot water and strain the water off and sprinkle it lightly, then cover it it until it softens, and when it softens, stir well until it dissolves, then strain it into a washtub (qasriyya) and put in it what was mentioned in the first, and the sugar is thickened with rosewater and eggwhites as before, and leaves of khabîs are fried in oil, and you make a sweet of it as previously described.


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