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The Making Of Qâdûs

This is an excerpt from An Anonymous Andalusian Cookbook
(Andalusia, 13th c. - Charles Perry, trans.)
The original source can be found at David Friedman's website

The Making of Qâdûs. Take the meat of a goat kid, from its breadth (?) and its stomach, a piece from the navel, from the liver, and from the tender parts of the meat in the amount of a quarter ratl. Cut it in small pieces and put them in a pot in which you have thrown everything that is in jimliyya, to the letter, and let there not be much sauce. Cook it until the meat is done, and when it is done, take it to a cutting-board and cut it up fine as for sanbusak and finer. Put it in a dish and ladle some of the fat in which you cooked it before, and throw it on top. Then season it with spices, such as pepper, Chinese cinnamon, galingale, lavender and the like. Break three eggs over it, beat it well, and salt to taste. Then take the qâdûs [bucket] and throw in oil, and turn it until it absorbs all the oil, and get all the yolk of a raw egg and throw it in the bottom of the qâdûs. Open the lid and bury it in it. Take that stuffing, as it is, and put it into the qâdûs over the eggyolk, gently so as not to break the yolk. Keep boiling it until you think the stuffing has bound and browned well on all sides; and keep taking care that it not burn and ruin its flavor and become hard to separate from the qâdûs. Then take off the lid and pour over the qâdûs the amount of one spoonful of strong vinegar, and boil it little by little until its boiling settles down. Then put it in water until it cools, and turn it over onto a clay dish on its mouth, and shake it until it comes away from the qadus and remains stiff in the middle of the lid, with the yolk on top of it, and present it, God willing.
[A sort of meatloaf. My guess is that the bucket is clay, like a flowerpot. It absorbs oil but apparently can be put on a fire.]


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