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Stuffed Monkey-head

This is an excerpt from An Anonymous Andalusian Cookbook
(Andalusia, 13th c. - Charles Perry, trans.)
The original source can be found at David Friedman's website

Stuffed Monkey-Head. Take a ratl of wheat flour and knead it until it is a little soft, then mash it with half a ratl of clarified butter, water and ten eggs, and beat all this together gently until it softens.
Then take a young pigeon and clean it, take out its innards and pound with a little onion, breadcrumbs and peeled almonds. Beat together five eggs, pepper, cinnamon, Chinese cinnamon, lavender, and some cilantro juice. Fill the young bird with this, insert a boiled egg in the stuffing and sew it up; put it in a pot with water, salt and oil. And when it is cooked, take a second pot with belly and neck, and put oil and rosewater in it; make meatballs of mutton or of chicken breast and cook with the necessary salt, water, crushed onion, citron leaves, and fennel stalks until it is cooked, and when it is done, cover the contents of the pot with six eggs, cold breadcrumbs, and wheat flour. Make four stuffed eggs and dot yolks over them, and when the cooking is done and the covering is wrinkled, take a frying pan to a weak fire with some oil, beat an egg with some pepper and salt, and spread it over the frying pan, which should be temperate of heat, until it fries and becomes very thin. Loosen it and put it in the bottom of the dish and make another egg according to the same recipe. Then ladle the almonds and put the [egg] raghîfa (into the dish) and garnish with its meatballs and stuffed eggs, after cutting the latter in fourths. Put the stuffing between these and cover with another [egg] raghîfa so that none of the almond shows, and plant "eyes" of mint in it, and toasted almonds and pistachios, and present it, God willing.


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