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Recipe For A Dish Of goose And Stuffing

This is an excerpt from An Anonymous Andalusian Cookbook
(Andalusia, 13th c. - Charles Perry, trans.)
The original source can be found at David Friedman's website

Recipe for a Dish of Goose and Stuffing. Slit the throat of a goose and inflate it, then pluck it carefully and skin it, as has been explained earlier for chicken. Take its entrails and intestines, after cleaning them well and pounding them well, add spices and all the fine flavorings, murri naqî ', cilantro juice, crushed almonds, onion juice, and 25 eggs, whole pine-nuts, enough salt, pounded mint, cut-up fennel, pistachios, and two spoonfuls of oil. Beat all this and stuff the goose's skin with it. Take the meat of the breast, pound it and put in it leaven [or possibly: a covering] and the whites of five eggs, pepper, cinnamon, and salt. Beat all this and cloak the breast bone with it, and throw in boiling water until it stiffens. Then return it to its place in the skin, in the middle of the stuffing, and sew up all parts in the skin after inserting boiled eggyolks in the middle of the stuffing, and put it in a large tajine or a pot, and throw on it half a ratl of oil, a little water and murri, and send it to the oven, and watch its cooking until it is browned. Then take the rest of the meat of the goose and put it in a pot and top it with spices and all the flavorings, two spoonfuls of vinegar and four of oil, two of cilantro juice, one of murri, branches of rue and onion juice. Cook it until it is done. When it is cooked, pound lamb meat, spice it and add eggwhites, make suitable meatballs of this and throw them in the pot, and when all is cooked, beat the meat that you have taken out with four eggs, grated breadcrumbs, and fine flour; cover the contents of the pot with this and take it down to the hearthstone until the dough wrinkles well. Ladle it into a dish and dot it with cut-up eggyolks, and sprinkle it with fine spices. Put the stuffed goose on a second dish and garnish it with toasted almonds and pine-nuts; cut it in half, sprinkle it with fine spices, sprinkle it with rosewater, and present it. Thus it is made with widgeon [? MS has barr al-barâka ] except in the dish which is made with body parts. For this, upon cooking it, take the amount of half a ratl of cilantro juice, boil it in a little pot, clean off its foam, and dissolve in it the yolks of five eggs, beat it with grated breadcrumbs and a little vinegar and cover the contents of the pot with this. Leave it until it wrinkles, and ladle it out, as before, over the chicken, God willing.


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