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trout And Other Kinds Of fish pastry

This is an excerpt from An Anonymous Tuscan Cookery Book
(Italy, ~1400 - Ariane Helou, trans.)
The original source can be found at Ariane Helou's website

Trout and other kinds of fish pastry. Shape the stiff dough to the length of a trout, or round if you want, and take the trout, and make sure it is well scaled, cleaned and salted; and its innards: put it in said dough, according to the shape of the trout, and make a horn on each end of the dough like a ship: and make two holes in said dough, one near the end, the other near the other end; or make one hole in the middle instead and cook it in the oven, or on baking pans instead. When it is well cooked, pour into these holes rosewater, or orange or citron juice instead: and on meat days you can put in melted lard and not oil. You can likewise make a tile or a pastry with other fish, sardines, sprats, mullet and others, in the same way.


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