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A Roof-tile Of lamprey

This is an excerpt from An Anonymous Tuscan Cookery Book
(Italy, ~1400 - Ariane Helou, trans.)
The original source can be found at Ariane Helou's website

A roof-tile of lamprey. Take lamprey well washed and cleaned and sprinkle it with salt; it should not be sliced nor skinned; put a clove in every hole in its head; and make the tile out of stiff dough, and put said whole lamprey in arranged in a circle with spices and saffron: put rosewater in, and color it on top, as you like, and cover it. You can make it in a similar way with small lampreys without cloves, with rosewater and citron, orange or bitter orange juice. You can also roast lampreys and eat them with sauce.


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