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This is an excerpt from Ancient Cookery [Arundel 334]
(England, 1425)
The original source can be found at R. Warner's "Antiquitates culinariae" (1791)

Crustade. Take chekyns, and pejons, and sinale briddes, and make hom clene, and choppe hom on peces, and stewe hom al togedur in a gode brothe wel made with faire grese, and pouder of pepur, and of clowes, and do therto verjouse, and colour hit withe saffron ; then make coffyns (standing crusts without lids) and pynche hom, and couche thi flesfh therein, and put therto rafynges of corance, and pouder of gynger, and of canell; and take rawe egges, and breke hom, and streyne hom thurgh a streynour into the fewe of the stewe, and stere hit well togedur, and poure hit in the coffyns above the flesshe, and then lay the covere thereon, and serve hit forthe.


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