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This is an excerpt from Ancient Cookery [Arundel 334]
(England, 1425)
The original source can be found at R. Warner's "Antiquitates culinariae" (1791)

Raynedes. Take swete porke, dates, figges, braied togeder, and put therto a fewe zolkes of eyren, and in the brayinge alay hit with a lytel brothe, and cast therto pouder of clowes, pouder of pepur, sugre, raifynges of corance, and colour hit with saffron, and medel al togeder; and then hille the stuffure in paste as men maken ruschewes ; and then take the brothe of capons fothen in herbes, and let hit boyle, and colour hit with saffron, and then put in therto the raynecles, and when thai byn boyled take hom up, and lay three of hom in a dissh, and poure brothe therto; and take grated chesc medelet with pouder of ginger, and strewe above theron, and serve hit forthe.


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