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Mawmene For Xl Mees

This is an excerpt from Ancient Cookery [Arundel 334]
(England, 1425)
The original source can be found at R. Warner's "Antiquitates culinariae" (1791)

Mawmene for xl mees. Take a galone of vernage or of clarre, and fethe hit into three quartes, and take a pynte therof, and putte therto ii lb. of sugre, a quartrone of reyfyns of corance, a quartrone of a pounde of pynes, a quatrone of gynger mynced, di. Ib. of poudre of canell, and drawe hit with wyn thurgh astraynour; a half of quartrone of clowes, a half quartrone of pouder of gynger, a half pounde of past roiale, a halfe pounde of chardecoynes, and take and putte al this togedur in a potte, and alway travaile (keep Jhaking) hit wel over the fy re; and thenne take braune of capons fothen, or of fayfauntes, or of the roiale of larkes, and kutte the braune overthwert (cross-wise), and rolle hit in a clothe tyl hit be smal; and then take flour of rys, and drawe hit thurgh a straynour with wyne, and putte hit in the fame pot with saffron, and travaille hit wel: and qwen hit is boylet, set hit doune of the fyre, and bete in the braune therto, and putte a litel vynegre therin, and dreffe hit in dysshes flatt. And for to make a fyrupe for to dresse hit with, that hit cleve not to the fame dysshe that hit schal be dreffet in ; take vernage, sugre, faffrone, and pouder of gynger, and chauf hit over the fyre, and let hit renne thurgh a clothe, and thenne dyppe a saucer therin, and strawe the dysshes therwith be the fydes, that the pottage stonde flatte, and cleve noght (and does not adhere). And if thow wol have the potage renuynge, putte theron a litel aqua vite; and qwhen hit is dresset in dyshes, as hit is beforefayd, thenne light hit with a waxe candel, and serve hit forthe brennynge.


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