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musculs (muscles) In Sewe

This is an excerpt from Ancient Cookery [Arundel 334]
(England, 1425)
The original source can be found at R. Warner's "Antiquitates culinariae" (1791)

Musculs (muscles) in sewe. Take musculs and pyke hom clene, and wassh hom, and scthe hom, and cast therto a lytel wyn or ale, when thai byn fothen dense thi brothe thurgh a streynour, and do hit in a pot; and mynce onyons and do therto, and stepe crustes of bredde in the brothe, and draw hit up, and do therto, and pouder of pepur, and let bit sethe, and colour hit with saffron, then put thi musculs in the pot, and serve hit forthe.


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