Risschewes de frute
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The Source Recipe
The original text of the recipe is as follows:

Risschewes de frute. Take ffigges, and grinde hem in a morter al smal with a litell oyle, and grynde with hem, clowes, and maces; and then take hem vppe in-to a dissh, and caste thereto pynes, saundres, reisons of coraunce, myced dates, pouder of Peper, Canell, Saffron, and salt; And then make fyne paast of floure, water, sugur, saffron, and salt, And make there-of faire kakes; and then rolle the stuff in thi honde, and couche hit in the kakes; kutte hem, and so folde hem togedrys as risshewes, And fry hem in goode Oyle, And serue hem forthe hote.

Related Recipes
While interpreting this recipe, I also considered the following recipes that appear to be related:
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Rysshellis of Frute. Recipe figis & rasyns & wesh þam in wyne, & pike þam & grind þam with appyls & peres paryd clene, & do þerto powdyre & hole spices; & make it in balls, & fry þam in oyle & serof it forth. [Thomas Awkbarow's Recipes (MS Harley 5401)]

RYSSHEWS OF FRUYT. XX.IX. II. Take Fyges and raisouns. pyke hem and waisshe hem in Wyne. grynde hem wiþ apples and peeres. ypared and ypiked clene. do þerto gode powdours. and hole spices. make bailes þerof. fryen in oile and serue hem forth. [Forme of Cury]

.Clxxx. Rysshews of fruyt. Tale fygus & raysouns. pyke hem & waysche hem in wyne. grynde hem with apples & perus y pared & y pyked clene. do therto gode poudour and hole spyces, make balles ther of & fry hem in oyle & serve forth. [Fourme of Curye [Rylands MS 7]]

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The original recipe calls for the following ingredients: [edit this list as appropriate]


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pynes: Pine nuts.
coraunce: Raisins made from corinth grapes (a.k.a currants).

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