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The Source Recipe
The original text of the recipe is as follows:

Auter maner buknade. Take rawe Almondes, and blanche hem, and grynde hem, and draw hem thorgh a streynour with fressh broth and wyne into good stiff mylke; And then take veel, kede, or hen, and parboile hem in fressh broth, and pike hem clene, and cast him thereto; take Clowes, maces, and herbes, and lete hem boile ynowe; And then caste a litull Sugur, pouder ginger, and salt, and serue him forth.

Related Recipes
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Bucnade. Take almonde mylke as I con preche. Coloure hit with safron as I þe teche. Fors hit with poudur, þat is gode. Take larde of porke, wele soþyn, by þo rode. Hew hit in gobettes wele afyne. Loke þey ben smale and put hem inne. Lye hit with floure or amydone, Boyle hit wele and sett hit done. Florysshe hit with powdur, as I þe kenne, Þenne may hit be served, before gode men. [Liber cure cocorum [Sloane MS 1986]]

Bukenade. [correction; sic = MS. Dukenade.] Nym fressh flessh, what it euere be. Seth hit with goud beof, cast therto mynsed oynons and good spicerie, and lie hit with eyren, and 3if hit forth. [Two Fifteenth-Century Cookery-Books]

Bukkenade. XVII. Take Hennes oþer Conynges oþer Veel oþer oþer Flessh an hewe hem to gobettes waische it and hit well. grynde Almandes unblaunched. and drawe hem up with þe broth cast þer inne raysons of Corance. sugur. Powdour gyngur erbes ystewed in grees. Oynouns and Salt. If it is to to thynne. alye it up with flour of ryse oþer with oþer thyng and colour it with Safroun. [Forme of Cury]

.xvij. Buknade. Take hennes other conynges, other veel other other flesch & hewe it to gobettes, waische it & seeth hit wel, grynd almaundes unblaunched & drawe hem up with the broth cast therinne raysouns of coraunce, sugar, poudour ginger, erbes y stewed in grece, oynouns and salt, yf hit is thynne: alye hit up with flour of rys other with other thyng, colour hit with safron and serve hit forth. [Fourme of Curye [Rylands MS 7]]

Buknade. Recipe blawnched almondes & grind þam, & draw þam throgh a streneзour with gode fresh broth & wyne. And þan take vele, kyd, henne, pike, & perboile hym in fresh broth, & cast þerto clows, maces, & gode erbis, & let it boyle enogh, & cast þerto a lityl sugur, gynger, & salt, & serof it forth. [Thomas Awkbarow's Recipes (MS Harley 5401)]

Buknade. Take veel, keed, or hen, and boyle hem in faire water or elles in good fressh broth, and smyte hem in peces, and pike hem clene; And drawe the same broth thorgh a streynour, And cast there-to parcelly, Isoppe, Sauge, Maces and clowes, And lete boyle til the flessh be ynogh; and then set hit fro the fire, and aley hit vp with rawe yolkes of eyren, and caste thereto pouder ginger, and vergeous, and a litel saffron and salte, and ceson hit vppe and serue it forth. [Two Fifteenth-Century Cookery-Books]

To mak Buknard tak almond mylk and colour it with saffron and fers it with pouder then tak lard of pork well sodene and hewe it small and put them to the mylk and alay it with flour or with amydon and boile it well and florishe it withe pouder and colour it with sanders and serue it. [A Noble Boke off Cookry]

LII - FOR TO MAKE A BUKKENADE. Tak veel and boyle it tak zolkys of eggys and mak hem thykke tak macis and powdre of gyngyner and powder of peper and boyle yt togeder and messe yt forth. [Forme of Cury]

To mak buknad tak vele smale and vele parboiled then gader up the flesh and fireyn the broth through a stren and put it in to the pot and sett it on the fyer and put ther to onyons mynced pouder of pepper powder of cloves and canelle and in the boiling put in the fleshe then tak raw yolkes in a bolle and cast ther to the het brothe and mele it well to gedere and in the setting downe put in the egg and stirr it to geder in the setting down and geve it a litill color of saffron and salt it and serue it. [A Noble Boke off Cookry]

xxxvj - Vele, kede, or henne in Bokenade. Take Vele, Kyde, or Henne, an boyle hem in fayre Water, or ellys in freysshe brothe, an smyte hem in pecys, an pyke hem clene; an than draw the same brothe thorwe a straynoure, an caste ther-to Percely, Sawge, Ysope, Maces, Clowys, an let boyle tyl the flesshe be y-now; than sette it from the fyre, and a-lye it vp with raw 3olkys of eyroun, and caste ther-to pouder Gyngere, Veriows, Safroun, and Salt, and thanne serue it forth for a gode mete. [Two Fifteenth-Century Cookery-Books]

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