29 - Ovos de laços
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The Source Recipe
The original text of the recipe is as follows:

29 - Ovos de laços. Batam muito bem dez gemas, duas claras e duas colheres de farinha de trigo. Peguem uma caçarola pequena e não muito rasa, e levem-na ao fogo, com manteiga que dê até o meio. Quando a manteiga estiver bem quente, ponham a massa num saco de confeitar, com um bico bem fino, e espremam-na na manteiga fervente, dando-lhe a forma de laços. Assim que a massa estiver dourada, retirem-na da panela e ponham-na a escorrer numa peneira. Sirvam polvilhados com açúcar e canela.

Lacey eggs. Beat 10 egg yolks very well, two whites and two spoons of wheat flour. Grab a small and not very shallow casserole dish, and take it to the fire, with butter to fill it halfway. When the butter is very hot, put the dough in a piping bag, with a very small tip, and squeeze it into the boiling butter, shaping it like lace (or bows). As soon as the dough becomes golden, remove it from the pot and drain it in a sieve. Serve sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon.

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