To make conserue of Mellons, or Pompons.
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The Source Recipe
The original text of the recipe is as follows:

To make conserue of Mellons, or Pompons.. TAke what quantity of Mellons you thinke best, and take the[n] before they be ripe, but let them be good, and make as many cuts in the[n] as they be marked with quarters on euery side, & hauing mundified the[n] and taken out the cores and curnelles, and péeled the vtter rinde, stéepe them in good Uineger, and leauing them so the space of ten daies, & when you haue taken them out, take other vineger and stéep them ten daies more, remouing and stirring them euery day, then when time shalbe take the[n] and put them in a course linnen cloth, drying & wiping them, then set them in the ayre the space of one daye and a night, then boile them in hony, and by the space of ten daies giue them euery day a little boyling, leauing the[n] alwaies in the Hony, and they must boile at euery boiling but one walm, then take the peeces and put them in a pot, with pouder of Cloues, Ginger and Nutmegges, and a peece of synamon, this doone, make one bed of the peeces of Mellons, and another of the spice, and then poure white honye vpon all in the said pots or vessels.

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