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The Source Recipe
The original text of the recipe is as follows:

Another. Make a pepper of toasted white bread, put therein sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, & make to boil the pepper that it will be yellow with saffron, then cut it into pieces as large as they will be, & put therein the sauce that they will chafe, & serve forth.

Related Recipes
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Another. Take a gurnard rawe, and slytte him endelonge the bak, thorgh the hede and tayle, and splatte him, and kepe the lyuer; And take the rawe lyuer, and brede, and fissh broth, Wyne, and vinegre, And drawe hem thorgh a streynour, and lete boyle; and then cast there-to pouder ginger, saffron, and salt. And then roste the gurnard, and splatte him on a gredire, and ley hym in a dissh. (Note: "ley hym in a dissh": Douce MS.; Harl. reste him) And then cast the sauce on hym in the dissh, and serue him forthe hote. [Two Fifteenth-Century Cookery-Books]

Another. Take the potato in slices, & put to stew with butter, chopped marjoram, parsley: then take four or five beaten egg yolks with a little wine, & cast it thereon all boiling, & remove from in front of the fire, & serve so. [Ouverture de Cuisine]

Another. Put the potato to roast in the hot embers like one cooks chestnuts, then it must be peeled & cut into slices, put on chopped mint, boiled currants thereon, & vinegar, a little pepper, & serve so. [Ouverture de Cuisine]

Another. Take genitals that are cooked, & fry them in butter, a fresh citron cut into slices, therein orange juice & pepper, & serve so. [Ouverture de Cuisine]

Another. Make a batter of white flour with an egg & a little wine, a little sugar & pepper, then take genitals & drippings into the paste, & fry them in butter, & serve so. [Ouverture de Cuisine]

Another. Take genitals well cooked, & cut them into pieces the thickness of a thumb, & put them onto little skewers of wood that are very thin, sprinkle pepper thereon, chopped sage & salt: then take a caul of pork, & wrap the caul around the genitals, & put them to roast on the grill, baste well with butter, then serve them with orange juice. [Ouverture de Cuisine]

Another. Take a breast of veal cut into pieces, & fry in butter on both sides, & put into a pot again with butter, & let it cook well: then take crepe herbs well chopped & grind with crumbs of white bread, & mix eggs therein, & beat together that it will be thick, & put a little sugar therein: then have a pan with hot butter, & take a strainer, & take some of your herbs that have been beaten, & make little tartlets that will be on two sides, then put them in a pot with the veal, & put some wine therein, a little ground nutmeg, & put therein, & let stew well together, & serve when well cooked. [Ouverture de Cuisine]

Another. Take a breast of veal, & put it to boil, when cooked put a little broth into the pot, & some butter: then take a quarter pound of peeled & ground almonds, & pass through a strainer with the broth: then take a little root of radishes well ground, & put into the pot with the broth, & make to boil two or three boilings together, & serve it forth. [Ouverture de Cuisine]

Another. Take a leg of mutton also dressed as above: then it is well formed like a leg, put it in a large tart pan, & planted with pine nuts through the leg, & put a leaf of paper thereunder, & put it to cook into the oven when well cooked make a sauce of wine sugar & cinnamon, currants, dates cut into pieces, & let boil well all together, & cast it onto the leg, & serve so. [Ouverture de Cuisine]

Another. Take some veal that is cooked, roasted or boiled, & chop it finely: put therein sugar & cinnamon, nutmeg, a little salt, half a sopine of cream, three raw eggs, & mix well all together with melted butter, and put it in a tart pan, and make cook on the coals above and below, and let it cook until you see that it becomes open beneath: then cut with the knife to make eight quarters in a tart pan, and serve for quarters to a plate, sugar and cinnamon on top. [Ouverture de Cuisine]

Another. Take the liver of veal cut into slices, & make it a little boiled, & chop very finely, & put therein three raw eggs, nutmeg, pepper & cinnamon, a little grated cheese, a little salt, a little chopped mint, & mix well all together, & put it in a tart pan that has been greased therein, & put all the liver therein, & let it cook, the fire therein & thereunder: when cooked cut into slices, three or four slices to a plate, sugar & cinnamon thereon, & serve so. [Ouverture de Cuisine]

Another. Cut the liver into slices, when roasted, & make a sauce with white bread roasted alongside, & make batter with egg yolks, & passed with bread, & put therein sugar, cinnamon, saffron, & make it boil well, & cast on the liver, & serve so. [Ouverture de Cuisine]

Another. Take a loin of veal or breast, & put it to boil: when somewhat cooked, have parsley root cut into little lardons, when the roots are cooked with the meat take ground roots of radishes, & two times as much mint peeled & ground, & pass with the broth of veal & cast thereon, & put with a reumer of verjuice or wine, & that the broth will be fat, & serve so. [Ouverture de Cuisine]

Another. Take a thigh of veal, & cut it into slices the length of a hand, & three fingers in size, & beat it with a knife without tearing it: then take good finely chopped herbs, & put therein egg yolks, nutmeg, cloves & ginger, a little salt, chopped beef fat & mix together: then flatten on the slices of veal, then roll them, & put onto skewers of wood or of iron, & put it to boil, & stew with salted lemon, ground nutmeg, verjuice or white wine, & butter, & let it stew well, & serve: if wanted the same can be put to roast & serve with oranges, & melted butter. [Ouverture de Cuisine]

Another. Cut the slices of veal like above, that they will be well beaten, then put them in a little pot with good broth, & put therein two whole onions to give flavor: then put therein chopped marjoram, nutmeg, pepper, butter, & white wine, & let stew well together: & serve. [Ouverture de Cuisine]

Another. Take a duck that is well larded with little lardons, and put it to boil in Spanish wine, and when it is well cooked take a fresh lemon cut into slices, and chestnuts that are cooked and peeled, nutmeg and cinnamon and sugar, and make it stew well so, and take little branches of sage, and moisten in a batter that is made of white flour, and egg yolks, and make to fry sage in butter, that it isn't at all salty, and cast there on the duck that is on the plate, and serve so: white sugar thereon. [Ouverture de Cuisine]

Another. When the tortoise is well cooked, fry it in butter, a fresh citron cut into slices thereon, or make a sauce thereon with toasted white bread, & ground blanched almonds, & pass all well through a strainer, put sugar & ginger, & make it to boil that it will be thick, & put the fried tortoise therein, & serve forth. [Ouverture de Cuisine]

Another. Make a crepe a little flattened, & put blanc mangier into the crepe the length of a sausage, & turn the crepe all about, & make well cooked, & serve so. [Ouverture de Cuisine]

Another. Make little raviolis of paste, & put the blanc mangier therein & fry in butter. [Ouverture de Cuisine]

Another. Take the same eggs, put them in water with butter all boiling, & put therein parmesan or other good fat cheese, cinnamon, pepper with butter, & serve so. [Ouverture de Cuisine]

Another. Take egg yolks so beaten, & take a tart pan, & cast the egg yolks into the syrup in the tart pan, & let them cook like a crepe, & cut them into quarters 10 or twelve, & put on toasted white bread, & take malvoisie chaffed with butter, & cast it onto the toasts & eggs, and cinnamon thereon, and serve so. [Ouverture de Cuisine]

Another. Make two crepes of six eggs each: then have apples chopped and fried in butter, candied quince, well chopped and mixed with, two or three egg yolks, sugar and cinnamon, and put that into the two crepes, & put it again on the fire to cook on both sides. [Ouverture de Cuisine]

Another. Make two crepes like before: take onions fried in butter, & take grated parmesan, & three or four egg yolks therein beaten together: then cut the crepes square, & put them between the two, & make them well fried on both sides, sugar & cinnamon thereon. [Ouverture de Cuisine]

XCVII - Another good dish. Put a pot of water to the fire, put parsley into it and let well seethe. Take bread crumbs of two old baked simles and stir it together. Beat v. or vj. eggs thereto and add pepper and saffron to it. [Koge Bog]

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