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The Source Recipe
The original text of the recipe is as follows:

To mak smale joutes tak dyners and sethe them in clene water and hewe them smalle and bet them in a mortair but put out the water and tak of the stalkes then put them in a pot to swete brothe and alay the pot withe bred and sett the pot on the fyer and let it boille and salt it and serue it.

Related Recipes
While interpreting this recipe, I also considered the following recipes that appear to be related:
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For Ioutes. Take most of cole, borage, persyl, Of plumtre leves, þou take þer tyl, Redde nettel crop and malues grene, Rede brere croppes, and avans goode, A lytel nept violet by þo rode, And lest of prymrol levus þou take, Sethe hom in water for goddes sake. Þenne take hom up, presse oute þou shalle Þe water, and hakke þese erbs alle And grynd hom in a morter schene With grotene. and sethe hom thyk by dene In fresshe brothe, as I þe kenne. Take sklyset, enbawdet þenne Besyde on platere þou shalt hit lay To be cut and eten with ioutes in fay. [Liber cure cocorum [Sloane MS 1986]]

For oþer ioutes. Take cole and strype hom þorowghe þi honde And do away þo rybbys I undurstonde. In fat bre fresshe of befe I wene, Þay schalle be soþun ful thykk by dene. [Liber cure cocorum [Sloane MS 1986]]

Eowtes Of Flessh. VI. Take Borage, cool. langdebef. persel. betes. orage. auance. violet. saueray. and fenkel. and whane þey buth sode; presse hem wel smale. cast hem in gode broth an seeþ hem. and serue hem forth. [Forme of Cury]

.vj. Joutes of flesche. Take borage, cole, langdebef, persel, benis, orage, Avaunce, violet, saveray, & fenkel, & whanne they buth sode presse hem wel & hewe hem smal, cast hem in gode broth & seeth hem & serve hem forth. [Fourme of Curye [Rylands MS 7]]

For to make Jowtis. Recipe many erbis, & hake & boyle þam tenderly, & þan take þam oute of the pot & cast þam on a dressour, & press oute þe water & hew þam small, & bray þam with gratyd brede; þan take clere broth of caponis or of pestels of pork or of befe, & alay it vp þerwith, & boyle it till it be sothen enogh. [Thomas Awkbarow's Recipes (MS Harley 5401)]

iij - Joutes. Take Borage, Vyolet, Malwys, Percely, Yong Wortys, Bete, Auence, Longebeff, wyth Orage an other, pyke hem clene, and caste hem on a vessel, and boyle hem a goode whyle; than take hem and presse hem on a fayre bord, an hew hem ryght smal, an put whyte brede ther-to, an grynd wyth-al; an than caste hem in-to a fayre potte, an gode freshe brothe y-now ther-to thorw a straynowr, and caste ther-to .ij. or .iij. Marybonys, or ellys fayre fresche brothe of beff, and let hem sethe to-gederys a whyle: an than caste ther-to Safron, and let hem sethe to-gederys a whyle, an than caste ther-to safron and salt; and serue it forth in a dysshe, an bakon y-boylyd in a-nother dysshe, as men seruyth furmenty wyth venyson. [Two Fifteenth-Century Cookery-Books]

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