To mak capon in cassolont
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The Source Recipe
The original text of the recipe is as follows:

To mak capon in cassolont tak a capon and skald hym and opyn the skyn behynd the hed and blow the skyn with a pen and raise it all about then tak pork and hennes flesh and good pouders and mak a farsor ther of and sew the skyn and parboille it then roll: the capon and lard it and mak a batter of almond mylk and amydon and colour it with saffron at the fyer and enbane it and serue it.

Related Recipes
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Capons in Cassolyce. Take capons and schalde and pyke hom þen. Þe skyn þou opon, as I þe kenne, Be hynde þo hede, blaw hym with penne. Þenne ryses þo skyn before, Rayse up þo skyn alle hole abowte, Take porke and hen flesshe with outen doute, And 3olkes of eyren and gode powder. Of alle þo thynges þou make farsure, And farse þo skyn and perboyle hit wele. Þen larde þo capone, rost hym yche dele. Of almonde mylke and amydone Make bater, and coloure hit anone With safron. serve hit at fyre rostande, Enbene hit wele withe þy ry3t honde. [Liber cure cocorum [Sloane MS 1986]]

XXVIII - FOR TO MAKE CAPONS IN CASSELYS. Nym caponys and schald hem nym a penne and opyn the skyn at the hevyd and blowe hem tyl the skyn ryse from the flesshe and do of the skyn al hole and seth the lyre of Hennyn and zolkys of heyryn and god powder and make a Farsure and fil ful the skyn and parboyle yt and do yt on a spete and rost yt and droppe yt wyth zolkys of eyryn and god powder rostyng and nym the caponys body and larde yt and roste it and nym almaunde mylk and amydoun and mak a batur and droppe the body rostyng and serve yt forthe. [Forme of Cury]

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