To make Kicks-Hawes
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The Source Recipe
The original text of the recipe is as follows:

To make Kicks-Hawes. TAke the Kidney of a Ueale, or Lambe, or if you haue neither of both, then take the Eare of a Mutton, fat and all. Boyle it, and mince it fine: season it with Nutmeg, Pepper, and Salt. Then take two or three Egges, a spoonefull of Rosewater, two or three spoonefuls of Sack, as much grated Bread, as will worke them like Lithpaste. Then floure your moulds, and fill them with that paste: then roule a thinne sheet of paste, wet it and couer it ouer: frye them, and turne them into small Dishes, and keepe them warme in the Ouen, serue them at Dinner, or Supper. Jf you will bake them then you may turne them into the Dish raw, out of your moulds, and Jce them with Rosewater and Sugar, and set them in the Ouen, when your Pyes are halfe bakte.

Related Recipes
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To make some Kickshawes in Paste, to Frye or Bake, in what forme you please. MAke some short puftpaste, rowle it thinne: if you haue any moulds you may worke it vpon your moulds, with the pulp of Pippins, seasoned with Sinamon, Ginger, Sugar, and Rosewater, close them vp, and bake them, or frye them: or you may fill them with Gooseberryes, seasoned with Sugar, Sinamon, Ginger, and Nutmeg: rowle them vp in yolkes of Egs, and it will keepe your Marrow being boyled, from melting away, or you may fill them with Curds, boyled vp with whites of Egges, and Creame, or yellow with the yolkes, and Cream, and it will be a tender Curde: but you must season the Curd with parboyld Currins, three or foure sliced Dates put into it, or sixe bits of Marrow, as big as halfe a Walnut: put in some small pieces of Almond paste, Sugar, Rosewater, and Nutmeg. And this will serue for any of these Kickeshawes, eyther to bake, or for a Florentine in puftpaste: any of these you may frye or bake, for Dinner or Supper. [A NEVV BOOKE of Cookerie]

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