198 To prepare an aspic on a wheel
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The Source Recipe
The original text of the recipe is as follows:

198 To prepare an aspic on a wheel, recipe from Mastercook Simon. First take the broth from boiled carp and pike and mix isinglass with it and let the broth simmer. Take sugar, ginger, pepper and cinnamon and color it yellow. Taste it, make it however seems good to you. Afterwards let it run through a sack until it becomes clear. Then prepare a small tub as wide as the wheel and about a hand's breadth deep and set the wheel into it. After that you must pour the broth into it and when it becomes firm, then break the tub into pieces and take the wheel out of it and set it again on the spike. The trout must be fastened over the tip. The method for cooking them remains as before. Afterwards let the iron piece at the bottom be fastened to a dish by a gold smith. And underneath make a white aspic, make black letters therein, whatever you would like, and pour a brown aspic over it, when the white has become firm. It should be only lukewarm, so that the white does not melt again. And watch out that the aspic on the edges is especially firm, or else it will not hold. This is an attractive table centerpiece.

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