A medicine for the Megrime
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The Source Recipe
The original text of the recipe is as follows:

A medicine for the Megrime, Impostume of the Rewme, or other diseases in the head. Take Pellitory of Spaine the weight of a groate, halfe so much Spegall, beate these in pouder, take the tops of Isope, of Rosemary with the flowres, three or foure leaues of Sage in the hole, of these hearbes one small handfull, boyle all these hearbes with the Spices in halfe a pinte of White wine, and halfe a pinte of Vineger of Roses, vntill one halfe of the liquor be consumed, then straine forth the hearbes, and set the liquor to coole, and being colde put thereunto three spoonefull of good Mustard, and so much honey as will take away the tartnes of the medicine, and when the patient feeleth any payne in his head, take a spoonefull thereof, and put it into his mouth, and holde it a prittie while gargaling, and then spitte it forth into a vessel, and so vse to take ten spoonefulles at one time in the morning fasting, vsing this three daies together, when they feele themselues troubled with the Rewme, at the fall and spring of the leafe is best taking therof, and by the grace of God they shall find ease. You must keepe this same medicine very close in a glasse, whole goodnesse will last ten dayes and when you take it, warm it as milke from the Cowe.

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