Endored Heads of Kids
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The Source Recipe
The original text of the recipe is as follows:

60. Endored heads of kids put next to chopped liver: and to give understanding to him who will prepare the said kids heads, let him take the said heads and clean the eyes and ears well and properly, and slice under the skin of the neck a little and not too much so that they do not open, and clean and wash them well and properly; and then put in each head a skewer going through so that they do not open and so that the brains do not come out, and then put them to cook well and properly in a pot or cauldron in which they have room to cook, and put in salt. And when they are cooked take them out onto fair and clean boards to drain and, being well dried, remove the skewers which had been put in them and then cut each head in half. And then let him arrange that he has the cauls of the said kids - and if there are not enough of those of kids let him arrange that he has cauls of veal, and in default of those of veal those of mutton - and check that they are good and well cleaned; and then spread them on fair and clean boards and, being spread, let him arrange that he has fresh eggs and some of the said fresh eggs on top of each caul; and, this being done, take each half head and wrap it in the said caul of kid or veal or mutton, and then put it on the grill.

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