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The Source Recipe
The original text of the recipe is as follows:

29. With this, fish tarts: and to give to understand to him who will do this work - because not everyone is master of it - he should take his fish, that is good slices of tuna, good large filleted carp, good large fresh eels, and of all this take according to the quantity of tarts which he is ordered to make; and take all this and cut it into fair pieces, and put to cook in a fair and clean cauldron according to the quantity which you have; and when it is cooked take it out onto fair tables which are fair and clean and pick over all your meat so that there are no scales nor bones, and then chop it very well. And arrange that you have good candied figs, prunes, dates, and slice this very finely into little dice; and take pine nuts and make them clean as they should be, and take candied raisins and clean them very well so that there remain no stems; and take of all this according to the quantity of the filling which you have made from the fish, and wash this stuff very well in white wine, and then mix it with your fish in a fair pan. Then take another pan which is fair and clean in which have some fair and clear oil refined, and when it is refined put this oil into your filling according to the quantity of it which there is, then put it on fair coals to heat and stir it constantly with a fair spoon; and then take fair fine powder and put it in in reason, and a great deal of sugar. And then tell your pastry-cook to make the tarts for you, either large or small, and let them be covered.

For marine fish: for the turbot should be given green sauce, salmon with cameline, ray with garlic cameline which is made with almonds and with its liver; sea-crayfish with vinegar, sturgeons with parsley, onions, and vinegar, fried sardines with mustard, fried sole with sorrel verjuice and oranges, eels roasted on the grill with verjuice, anchovies with parsley, onions, and vinegar and powder on top.

Related Recipes
While interpreting this recipe, I also considered the following recipes that appear to be related:
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vj - Tartes of Fyssche. Take Fygys, and Roysoynys, and pike an sethe in Wyne; than take Costardys, Perys, and pare hem clene, and pike out the core, and putte hem in a morter with the frute; then tak Codlyng or haddok, other Elys, and sethe hem and pike owt the bonys, and grynd alle y-fere, and do ther-to a lytel wyne, and melle to-gederys: an do ther-to Canelle, Clowys, Mace3, Quybibe3, pouder Gyngere, and of Galyngale, and pepir, and Roysonys of coraunce, and coloure it with Safroun. When thou makyst thin cofyns, than take gode fat Ele, and culpe hym, and take owt the stonys of Datys, and farce hem; and blaunche Almaundys, and caste ther-to; but fyrste frye hem in Oyle, and couche al this a-mong, and bete thin cofyns with the ledys, and bake, and serue forth. [Two Fifteenth-Century Cookery-Books]

XCIV - Tart of fish. Take three large tench or one large eel and three ounces of dates fine and half a pound of currants and two ounces of peeled pine nuts and 2 ounces of spices sweet and strong; take the "thenca" well washed and cleaned and crack the back and pull away all the pulp (meat) and take this raw pulp and pound, and paste enough leaves of parsley and of marjoram and fine oil and of the spices well soaked and well full make sausages long like ravioli and fry in oil and enough boil and take the tench that remains and put it to boil with enough parsley and when it is well cooked paste all save the head and put spices and oil and paste and take this filling and make ravioli small with thin pasta make fry in oil and powder with spices; this tart needs to be cooked in a frying pan. [Libro di cucina / Libro per cuoco]

TARTES OF FYSSHE. XX.VIII. X. Take Eelys and Samoun and smyte hem on pecys. & stewe it in almaund mylke and verious. drawe up on almaund mylk wiþ þe stewe. Pyke out the bones clene of þe fyssh. and save þe myddell pece hoole of þe Eelys & grinde þat ooþer fissh smale. and do þerto powdour, sugur, & salt and grated brede. & fors þe Eelys þerwith þerer as þe bonys were medle þe ooþer dele of the fars & þe mylk togider. and colour it with saundres. make a crust in a trape as before. and bake it þerin and serue it forth. [Forme of Cury]

.Clxviij. Tartes of fysche. Take eelys & sawmoun & smyte hem on pecys & stewe hyt in almaunde mylke & verjous. drawe up an almaunde mylke with the stewe. pyke out the bones clene of the fysch & save the myddel pece hole of the eelys & grynde that other fysch smale and do ther to poudour. sugur & salt & grated brede & force the eelys therwith there as the bones were. medle that otherdele of the fars & the mylk to gider & colour hit with saundres. make a crust in a traup as byfore & bake it ther inne and serve hit forth. [Fourme of Curye [Rylands MS 7]]

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