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The Source Recipe
The original text of the recipe is as follows:

Blomanger. Do ris in water al nyt & vp|on þe morwe wasch hem wel & do hem vpon þe fyre for to þey breke, & not for to muche; & tak braun of caponis sodyn & wel ydrawe & smal, & tak almaund mylk & boyle it wel wyþ ris, & wan it is yboylyd do þe flesch þerein so þat it be charghaunt. & do þereto a god perty of sugure, & wan it ys dressyd forþ in dischis straw þereon blaunche pouder & strik þereon almaundys fryed wyt wyte grece & serue yt forþe.

Related Recipes
While interpreting this recipe, I also considered the following recipes that appear to be related:
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Blamanger. Take faire Almondes, and blanche hem, And grynde hem with sugour water into faire mylke; and take ryse, and seth. And whan they beth wel y-sodde, take hem vppe, and caste hem to the almondes mylke, and lete hem boile togidre til thei be thikk; And then take the brawne of a Capon, and tese hit small, And caste thereto; and then take Sugur and salt, and caste thereto, and serue hit forth in maner of mortrewes. [Two Fifteenth-Century Cookery-Books]

Blaumangere. Take ryse and sethe hom in water, and at the feconde boyle putte oute the water, and lay hom in a dysshe, and drefie hom; and then take almondes and braye hom, and in the brayinge aloye hom with fresshe brothe of beef, and thenne take and 381 sethe up the rys with the mylke, and caste sugur therto: and take the braune of capons fothen, and cese hit smal, and cast therto; and thenne take blaunched almondes, and frye hom in grefe, and qwhen they ben fryed and taken up, strawe on hem sugur, and rolle hom wel therein; and thenne dresse up thy potage and serve hit forthe. [Ancient Cookery [Arundel 334]]

XIV - FOR TO MAKE BLOMANGER. Nym rys and lese hem and wasch hem clene and do thereto god almande mylk and seth hem tyl they al to brest and than lat hem kele and nym the lyre of the hennyn or of capouns and grynd hem smal kest therto wite grese and boyle it Nym blanchyd almandys and safroun and set hem above in the dysche and serve yt forthe. [Forme of Cury]

XXXIII - FOR TO MAKE BLOMANGER. Do Ris in water al nyzt and upon the morwe wasch hem wel and do hem upon the fyre for to they breke and nozt for to muche and tak Brann of Caponis sodyn and wel ydraw and smal and tak almaund mylk and boyle it wel wyth ris and wan it is yboylyd do the flesch therin so that it be charghaunt and do therto a god party of sugure and wan it ys dressyd forth in dischis straw theron blaunche Pouder and strik theron Almaundys fryed wyt wyte grece and serve yt forthe. [Forme of Cury]

To make Blewmanger. Take to a pinte of creame twelve or sixteene yolkes of egges, and straine them into it, and seeth them well euer stirring it with a sticke that is broad at the end but before you seeth it put in suger, and in the seething tast of it that you may if neede bee put in more suger, and when it is almost sodden put in a little Rose water that it may taste thereof, and seeth it well till it be thicke, and then straine it againe if it hath neede, or else put it in a fayre Dish and stirre it till it be almost cold, and take the white of all the Egges, and straine them with a pinte of Cream and seeth that with suger, and in the ende put in rosewater as into the other, and seeth it till it be thicke enough, and then vse it as the other, and when ye serue it ye may serue one dish and another of the other in roules, and cast on biskets. [The Good Housewife's Jewell]

Blamanger. Tak rys & waysch hem & drye hem & tempre hem up with almonde melk. Tak broyn of caponis or of hennys good plente & tose it smal do the rys & the melk to gydre ovr the feyr boylle charche it with the tosed fleysch seson it with sugre florysche the dysch with fryed almondys. [Recipes from John Crophill's Commonplace Book]

Blomanger. Nym rys & lese hem & wasch hem clene, & do þereto god almande mylke & seþ hem tyl þey al tobrest; & þan lat hem kele. & nym þe lyre of þe hennyn or of capouns & grynd hem smal; kest þere|to wite grese & boyle it. Nym blanchyd almandys & safroun & set hem aboue in þe dysche & serue yt forþe. [MS Douce 257]

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