A Tarte of Fysche
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The Source Recipe
The original text of the recipe is as follows:

A Tarte of Fysche. Tak figgs & waysch hem & grynd hem smal tempre hem with vinegre tak freysch samoun haddokes perches & pykes tak out the bonys bray hem to gidre in a morter tak poudre of ginger & galingale & meng with al tak maces & qwybibes & clowes & do ther to al hole & sugre gret plente tak ther of & do in thi cofyn a smal couche tak elys & lamprouns and frye hem to gidre in oyle de oyle & lay ther in a couche of the brayed mete & do ther to botre of almaunde melk covere it with past colour it with inne & with outen.

Related Recipes
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A Tarte of Fysch. Tak fygges & reysingis & cyng[?] hem & do ther to freysch samoun or othyr maner of freysch fysch grynd alle to gyder temper hem up with almounde mylk & frye almounds in swete oyle & do therinne lye alle to gydr do ther to pouder of galingale reysings of coraunce quybybes & soden perys & schere hem & cast hem ther inne amonge alle to gidre & of ilk of the spyces kepe the halvendel with outen colour thi fars with saffroun & swet it with sugre. Tak laumpreys & laumprouws & elys & dares & roches & loches smeltys and other maner of freysch fysch & wete hem in flour frye hem in swete oyle & loke thu have dats farsed & plumbys damaycynis than go to the ovene & mak dowe & couche thi fars on this maner, fferst ley thi kake of dowe than tak thi fars & couche thi fryed fysch & thi dats farsed & plumbys & thi almondys & drengle it in swete oyle & poudre it with sugre & lay thou thi fars on this maner couche thi fars as thu wylt have hulke it & pinche it & mak thi lowes colour it with saffron & set it inne the ovene & yf you wylt hawe of foure coliurs make it as I have tawte of the tou or of the tothere. []

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