67. Aber ein col rys (But a colris)
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The Source Recipe
The original text of the recipe is as follows:

67. Aber ein col rys (But a colris). Aber ein col ris. nim dünne kuchen gebacken von eyern. und snit die würfeleht. und snit als vil semel brotes dor zu würfeleht. und tu ez in ein milich. und nim einen apfel. und snit den würfeleht drin. und rüerez wol mit eyer totern. und laz ez sieden wol. und gibz hin.

But a colris. Take thin cakes baked of eggs. And cut them diced. And cut as much Semmel thereto diced. And put in a milk. And take an apple and cut it diced therein. And urge it well with egg yolks. And let it boil well. And give it out.

Related Recipes
While interpreting this recipe, I also considered the following recipes that appear to be related:
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For a kolys. Þe brawne take of sothun henne or chekyne, And hew hit smalle and bray þen with wyne, With ote grotis, and whyte brede eke. With þe brothe of henne þou tempur hit meke. Take oute þe bonys and grynd hit smalle, In to þe brothe þou kast hit alle, And sye hit thurgh a clothe clene. Dose hit, and serve hit forthe bydene. [Liber cure cocorum [Sloane MS 1986]]

65. Ein cöl ris (A colris). Ain col ris gebacken. und mache von eyern dünne bleter. und snit die cleine. und wirf sie in süezze milich. und nim semel brot. und snit daz würfeleht dor in. unde mengez mit eyer totern. und siudez wol. und tu ein smaltz dor uf. unde versaltz niht.

A colris baked. And make of eggs thin sheets and cut them small and throw them in sweet milk. And take semmel bread. And cut that diced therein. And mix with egg yolks. And boil it well. And add a fat on top and do not oversalt. [Ein Buch von guter spise]

66. Ein col ris (A colris). Aber ein col ris. nim eyger. und zeslahe die mit semel mele. und zeslahe daz dünne kuchen geworfen in ein milich. und wol gerüert biz ez gesiede. und mengez aber mit eyer totern. und tu ein smaltz drin. und gibz hin.

But a colris. Take eggs and mix them with semmel meal. And mix those thin cakes thrown in a milk. And well stirred until it boils. And mix but with egg yolks and add a fat therein and give out. [Ein Buch von guter spise]

To mak a colles tak the braun of capon or henne and hew it small and bray it with otemele and whit bred cast ther to good pouders and saffron then tak out the bones and grind the flesshe small and cast it unto the brothe and sie it throughe a clothe and salt it boile it and serue it [A Noble Boke off Cookry]

71. Again, a coulleys: to give understanding to him who will make it let him arrange that he has capons or chickens or partridges, whichever is ordered from him by the doctors, and let him take the said poultry and pluck, clean, and wash it very well and cleanly and put to cook in a clear and very clean pot and a little mutton and a very little salt; and cook it well and properly on a clear fire. And while it is cooking let him arrange that he has a great quantity of very good almonds as are needed, and let him clean, blanch, and wash them very well and put them to be brayed in a mortar which does not smell at all of garlic, and bray them well and strongly and moisten them with the said broth of the aforesaid poultry or partridge; and, being sufficiently brayed, draw out the said poultry onto fair dishes and from the said poultry take all of the white meat and chop it very fine and then put it in the mortar with these said almonds and bray it all together very well and strongly, and in braying moisten it with the aforesaid broth; and, being brayed enough, take it from the said broth and strain through a fair and clean strainer and make milk of it - and put in no spices except by the command of the doctor. And then put it to boil and, this being boiled, put it in fair silver or gold bowls and let it be carried to the sick person. [Du fait de cuisine]

XI - FOR TO MAKE A COLYS. Nym hennys and schald hem wel. and seth hem after and nym the lyre and hak yt smal and bray it with otyn grotys in a morter and with wyte bred and temper it up wyth the broth Nym the grete bonys and grynd hem al to dust and kest hem al in the broth and mak it thorw a clothe and boyle it and serve it forthe. [Forme of Cury]

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