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This entry is a re-creation of a recipe from Ancient Cookery [Arundel 334] (England, 1425), entitled "Crustade". [insert a brief description of dish here, possibly including any or all of the following: characteristics of the final dish, when or how it might have been served, and why you selected it]

The Source Recipe
The original text of the recipe is as follows:

Crustade. Take chekyns, and pejons, and sinale briddes, and make hom clene, and choppe hom on peces, and stewe hom al togedur in a gode brothe wel made with faire grese, and pouder of pepur, and of clowes, and do therto verjouse, and colour hit withe saffron ; then make coffyns (standing crusts without lids) and pynche hom, and couche thi flesfh therein, and put therto rafynges of corance, and pouder of gynger, and of canell; and take rawe egges, and breke hom, and streyne hom thurgh a streynour into the fewe of the stewe, and stere hit well togedur, and poure hit in the coffyns above the flesshe, and then lay the covere thereon, and serve hit forthe.

Related Recipes
While interpreting this recipe, I also considered the following recipes that appear to be related:
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xvj - Crustade. Take vele, an smyte in lytel pecys in-to a potte, an wayssche yt fayre; than take fayre water, and lat yt boyle to-gedere with Percely, Sawge, Sauerey, and Ysope smal y-now an hew; and whan it is on boylyng, take pouder Peper, Canell, Clowys, Maces, Safroun, and lat hem boyle to-gederys, and a gode dele of wyne ther-with. Whan the fleyssche is y-boylid, take it fro the brothe al clene, and lat the brothe kele; and whan it is cold, take Eyroun, the whyte and the 3olkys, and cast thorw a straynoure, and put hem in-to the brothe, so many that the brothe be styf y-now; then make fayre cofyns, and cowche .iij. pecys or .iiij. of the fleyssche in a cofyn; than take Datys, and kytte hem, and cast ther-to; than take pouder Gyngere, and a lytel verious, and putte in-to the brothe and Salt; and than putte the brothe on the cofyns, bake a lytel with the fleyssche or thou putte thin lycoure ther-on, and lat al bake to-gederys tyl it be y-now; thanne take yt owt, and serue hem forth. [Two Fifteenth-Century Cookery-Books]

xxxv - Crustade. Take a cofyn, and bake hym drye; then take Marw-bonys and do ther-in; thenne nym hard 3olkys of Eyroun, and grynde hem smal, and lye hem vppe with Milke; than nym raw 3olkys of Eyroun, and melle hem a-mong chikonys y-smete, and do ther-inne; and yf thou luste, Smal birdys; and a-force wyl thin comade with Sugre or hony; than take clowys, Mace3, Pepir, and Safron, and put ther-to, and salt yt; and than bake, and serue forth. [Two Fifteenth-Century Cookery-Books]

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The original recipe calls for the following ingredients: [edit this list as appropriate]


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corance: Raisins made from corinth grapes (a.k.a currants).

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