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Deep-fried cheese - makes you wonder if they ever served it on a stick.

Source [The Viandier of Taillevent, Terence Scully (trans.)]: Et qui veult faire des Pipesfarces, convient avoir de bon frommage de gain par grosses lesches comme le doy, et les enveloper en la paste des petites crespes et puis les boutter en son sain chault; et les gardez d'ardoir; et quant ilz sont seiches et jaunettes les drecier, et les crespes avec.

If you wish to make Stuffed Tubes (Pipesfarces), you should have good rich cheese in slices thick as a finger, and coat them in the batter of the Small Crepes, then drop them into hot grease, and keep them from burning. When they are dry and yellowish, set them out and the Crepes with them.

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