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Travel Safe

The following recipes are suitable for transporting long distances. Please observe normal food safety practices with foods that require refrigeration.

Sugared Almonds
Barley Water
Cherry Torte - sweet pie of ground cherries and cheese
Compost - pickled root vegetables
Cormarye - marinated roast pork
Cremoneze (spinach tart)
Cruste Rolle - fried crackers
Custarde - a savory meat and egg pie
Stuffed Eggs
Ember Day Tart - an herb quiche
Gyngerbrede - sweet, soft cookies
Candied Horseradish
Lenten Slices - thick almond pudding
Pikkyll pour le Mallard - duck in a tart wine sauce
May Eggs - a sort of deviled egg
Meat Pyes - minced mutton or beef with dried fruit
Mylates of Pork - pork pie
A Tart of Onions - a simple onion quiche
Onion and Parsley Salad - a garnish for game birds
Conserve of Orenges
Peach Tart
Peeres in Confyt - poached pears in wine syrup
Perys en Composte - chopped pears and dates in wine syrup
Pety Pernauntes - a sweet custard-like dessert
Powder Douce - sweet spice powder
Powder Fort - strong spice powder
Powder Fine - a commonly used spice mix
Pynade - spiced pine-nut brittle
Marmelade of Quinces
Salmon Pie
Spinach Tart - a dense spinach quiche
Veal Tart with Cream - minced veal pie
Venison Custarde - a savory venison and egg pie

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