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Easy Recipes

These recipes are fairly simple to make. They require few if any unusual ingredients, and can be made with a minimum amount of skill or time.

Almond Milk
Tartys In Applis
Bake Mete Ryalle - spiced pork pie
Barley Water
Beef y-Stywyd
Blancmanger (chicken & rice casserole)
Boiled Asparagus
Boiled Sallet
Buttered Beere
Cameline Sauce - a cinnamon spice sauce
Stewed Capon (chicken)
Cheese - fresh soft cheese
Cormarye (roast pork)
Cremoneze (spinach tart)
Ember Day Tart - an herb quiche
Frumenty - wheat porridge
Gelye de Chare - meat jelly
Gravé of Small Birds
Mylates of Pork - pork pie
A Tart of Onions - a simple onion quiche
Onion and Parsley Salad - a garnish for game birds
Pegions Stewed
Powder Douce - sweet spice powder
Powder Fort - strong spice powder
Powder Fine - a commonly used spice mix
Quynces or Wardones in paast
Rice in Almond Milk - thick rice pudding
Potage of ris - rice pudding
Rice Lombard
Rique-Manger - eggs and apples
Salmon Pie
Sauce for Stekys
Snowe - rosewater flavored whipped cream
Spinach Tart - a dense spinach quiche
Pottage of Turnips
Venison - boiled in wine
Vermicelli - fine pasta with saffron
Yellow Pepper Sauce

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