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Harvest Day

An attempt at an authentic 15th century English feast. This menu is (very) loosely based on one titled "Conuiuium domini Henrici Regis quarti, In coronacione sua apud Westmonasterium" found in "Two Fifteenth-Century Cookery Books" (T. Austin, ed.).

The original menu consisted of three courses with a total of 43 dishes (more than three times the number being served here).

Menu by Daniel Myers

A Banquet on a Meat Day

On Table:

manchet bread
soft cheese
fruit preserves

First Course:

Beef in Pevorade
Blancmanger of Chicken
Pety Pernauntes

Second Course:

Venison in Frumenty
Gelye de Chare
Grete Pyes
Leche Lumbarde
Roasted Turnips

Third Course:

Chardewarden (with Snowe)
Apple Frutours


Non-alcoholic wine (a.k.a grape juice)

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