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Medieval Menus

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Aside from the menus below which were taken from medieval documents, the re-created medieval menus are available for feasts and royalty lunches from many SCA events in southwest Ohio.

Menus by Daniel Myers

Menus by Kristen Wright (on her site at

Menus From Period Sources

This is (obviously) a work in progress. I will be adding more menus from various sources, and possible recipes to each of the menus as I find them.

Le Ménagier de Paris, (France, 1393)

I. Meat-day Dinner
II. Another Meat Dinner
III. Another Meat Dinner
IV. Another Meat Dinner
V. Another Meat Dinner
VI. Another Meat Dinner
VII. Another Meat Dinner
VIII. Another Meat Dinner
IX. Another Meat Dinner
X. Another Meat Dish
XI. Another Dinner
XII. Another Dinner
XIII. Another Meat Dinner
XIII. Another Meat Dinner
XV. Another Dinner
XVI. Meat Supper with Four Platters
XVII. Another Meat Supper
XVIII. Another Meat Supper
XIX. Fish Dinner for Lent
XX. Another Fish Dinner for Lent
XXI. Another Fish Dinner
XXII. Another Fish Dinner
XXIII. Another Fish Dinner
XXIV. Another Fish Dinner

A Proper newe Booke of Cokerye, (England, mid-16th c.)

Meat-day Dinner
Meat-day Supper
Meat-day Dinner
Fish-day Dinner

Du fait de cuisine, (France, 1420)

Dinner - first day
Supper - first day
Dinner - second day
Supper - second day

Two Fifteenth-Century Cookery Books, (England, 1450)

Banquet (meat-day)

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