Braggot 5 Sunday, May 23, 2004
Recipe source Papazian The complete Joy of Home Brewing, modified according to the recipe for braggot taken from Digby, K., The closet of the eminently learned Sir Kenelme Kigby Kt. opened. 1671, London: H. Brome.  With the assumption that this is a second run ale (therefore a lower malt and grain content) with extra sugar provided by the honey.
Type Extract with specialty grains, Based on English Brown Type Ale
2 oz American Crystal 40 L
2 oz American Chocolate
24 oz amber dry malt extract (Coopers, Australian)
3.5 lb  honey (All-flower local)
1 oz Kent Goldings hops (5.9% AA)
Yeast Danstar Nottingham Ale Yeast
Specialty grains were lightly crushed with a rolling pin, and wrapped loosely in a cloth bag, this was added to a large stainless steel pan with 1.5 gallons of cold water.  The water was brought to the boil, at which point the grain bag was removed.  At this point the honey and malt extract was added.  The mixture was brought back to the boil and 1/3rd of the fuggles hops were added.  This was boiled for 45 minutes and a further 1/3rd of the hops was added.  After 10 more minutes 1 teaspoon of irish moss was added and this was allowed to boil for 5 minutes.  The final 1/3rd of the hops was added the heat turned off and the wort strained into a clean sterile pan.  The wort was cooled in the pan by surrounding with cold water and then added to a sterilized 3 gallon carboy which contained 1.5 gallons clean water.  Additional water was added to bring the volume to 3 gallons. While the wort was boiling a package of yeast was activated in ½ pint of boiled and cooled (to 85 degrees) water containing 1 teaspoon sugar.
The temperature and specific gravity of the wort was tested, the wort was at 80 degrees with a specific gravity (corrected for temperature) of 1052.  The activated yeast was pitched into the wort after cooling.  A bung with an overflow tube was attached (to allow for blowoff of bitter hop resins) and the carboy was moved to a dark corner.
Sunday May 30th 2004
Blow off replaced with standard bubbler as fermentation has slowed down.
Saturday June 12th 2004
Brew has cleared, on racking SG is 1000, racked into clean carboy and ½ cup corn sugar added to prime for bottling.  Brew bottled and moved to cellar to age.