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Medieval Cookery - A Dictionary of Middle-English Cooking Terms

The index below covers a range of Middle-English terms used in medieval English cooking texts. Included are some of the more unusual spelling variants for modern words, English words still in use but considered archaic or old fashioned, and words common to England that may be unknown elsewhere (e.g. the names of English river fish).

Currently listed are terms used in Forme of Cury and Two Fifteenth-Century Cookery Books .


macis (also: macys) : Mace.

macrows : Macaroni or some similar form of pasta.

malves (also: malwys) : Mallow (Althaea officinalis).

marchannt (also: marchant, powder marchant) : A pre-prepared mixture of spices. Possibly strong as it is used by one recipe in place of pepper.

maribones : Marrow bones.

marwe : Marrow.

maunger (also: blanc manger) : A dish usually made of rice and chicken.

mawmenee (also: mammenye, manmene, maumenee, mawmenny, mawmenye) : Minced chicken with a suace made of wine or almond milk.

maziozame : Marjoram.

meddle (also: medel, medle, mell) : Mix.

mede : Mead (honey wine).

medylde : Mixed.

menge (also: mung, myng) : Mix.

messe : Serve.

mice (also: myce, myse) : Minced.

millewell : A kind of fish, probably cod (Gadus morhua).

moilles : Moistened. (from French)

mortrewes : Morsels. A dish of pounded meat.

mountance : Amount.

mugadez (also: noiez mugadez) : Nutmeg.

murreye : A dish made using mulberries, or colored a dark red like mulberries.

mycd (also: mycyd, myid) : Minced.

myltes (also: milts) : Spleens.

mylwell : A kind of fish, probably cod (Gadus morhua).