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Edouard Halidai

Daniel Myers started cooking he was very young, and has been seriously studying medieval cooking for the past twelve years.

He is a member of the SCA (Middle Kingdom, Barony of the Flaming Gryphon), a medieval re-creation organization, and practices his craft by cooking feasts, research, and giving occasional lectures to those who don't run away fast enough.

Daniel has been giving seminars on medieval cooking at the Gen Con gaming convention since 2005, where the turnout far exceeded his expectations.


Daniel grew up in Toledo, Ohio (home of Tony Packo's) spending most of his formative years trying to eat his food before his older brothers got to it. He managed to survive four Wisconsin winters and graduated from James Madison Memorial Highschool in Madison, Wisconsin (class of 1984).

It was while he was enrolled at Miami University (BA in Anthropology, 1989) that he found his interest in medieval food. This interest stuck with him through the long years of graduate school at the University of South Carolina (MS in Computer Science, 1995), and really kicked into high gear when he moved back to Ohio in 1999.

Daniel now lives in Loveland, Ohio with his wife and two children. He is currently employed as a database programmer, and would be happy to accept large grants of cash to start a medieval themed restaurant. His co-workers in the IT department are still quite baffled by the whole thing.

Edouard Halidai

Avelyn Greene

When she was three, Kristen Wright would sit on a step stool by the counter and watch her dad cook.

While she normally cooks Italian or German dishes at home, her interests in historical cooking focus more on western Europe. She also has a interest in the everyday diet throughout history and its affect on health.

Kristen has spent the last four years at Miami University studying middle school education, with concentrations in math and english, and will be graduating in May.

Kristen has her own medieval cooking website:
The Commonplace Boke of Lady Avelyn Grene

Avelyn Greene

Zophia Boreka

Jennifer Marshall-Craig has had a love of food ever since she was a little girl. Whether trotting after her father to the corner shop is get sushi while living in Japan, to helping her grandfather in his extensive garden and both grandmothers in cooking in South Bend, Indiana. She has brought a need to learn and understand everything around her.

After graduating from Purdue University as a Veterinary Technician, she decided to escape the frigid cold of Indiana and moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where she developed a full appreciation for seafood. She then moved north to Memphis, Tennessee, where she met her husband and cohort. She has moved still further north and currently resides in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Jennifer cooks a wide variety of cuisines at home, but her preference is for Slavic foods. She intends to specialize in more Dutch and German cooking, and will also be making a study of seafood beyond cod and eel.

Zophia Boreka

Lynne Fairchild

Some of Amy Glier's earliest childhood memories are of helping her mother bake cookies in their kitchen. Snickerdoodle cookies quickly became her favorite to bake.

After graduating from Miami University with her studies focused on Spanish and German, she married and moved to Kentucky. She is a mother of four and helps out with the family business in sausage making, goetta, and deer processing.

When she is not doing blackwork embroidery, she can be found baking in the kitchen. Her interests in historical baking focuses mostly on 16th century Europe.

Amy has her own Renaissance baking blog: Tudor Baking

Lynne Fairchild