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To make vautes. Take the kydney of veale and perboyle it tyll it be tender, then take and choppe it small wyth the yolkes of three or foure egges, then ceason it with dates small cutte, small Reysons, Gynger, suger, synamon, saffron and a lyttle salte, and for the paest to laye it in, take a dosen of egges, bothe the whyte and the yolkes, and beate theym well al together, then take butter, and put it into a frying panne, and frye them as thynne as a pancake, then laye your stuffe therein, and so frye them together in a panne, and caste suger and gynger upon it, and so serue it forthe. [A Proper newe Booke of Cokerye (England, mid-16th c.)] (permanent link)

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