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04-08-2020 - Amy Glier's recipe for Jumbles added to the Medieval Recipes

02-13-2020 - A new transcription of the Grazer Hausbuch was added to the Online Medieval Cookbooks for Germany

07-09-2019 - James Prescott's translation of Cocboeck (Carolus Battus) added to the Online Medieval Cookbooks

06-11-2019 - Cynthia D. Bertelsen's A Hastiness of Cooks added to the Recommended Books

04-25-2019 - Yonnie Travis' recipe for Sardeyneȝ added to the Medieval Recipes

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Random Medieval Recipe of the Day:

Furmente. Take wete, and pyke hit fayre and clene And do hit in a morter shene. Bray hit a lytelle, with water hit spryng Tyl hit hulle, with-oute lesyng. Þen wyndo hit wele, nede þou mot. Wasshe hit fayre, put hit in pot. Boyle hit tylle hit brest, þen Let hit doun, as I þe kenne. Take know mylke, and play hit up To hit be thykkerede to sup. Lye hit up with 3olkes of eyren, And kepe hit wele, lest hit berne. Coloure hit with safron and salt hit wele, And servyd hit forthe, Syr, at þe mele. With sugur candy, þou may hit dowce, If hit be served in grete lordys howce. Take black sugur for mener menne. Be ware þer with, for hit wylle brenne. [Liber cure cocorum [Sloane MS 1986] (England, 1430)] (permanent link)

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