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06-04-2018 - Daniel Myers' recipe for Sausages in Pottage added to the Medieval Recipes

04-16-2018 - Daniel Myers' recipe for To Farse All Things added to the Medieval Recipes

04-10-2018 - Johnna Holloway' article Discussion: Cookbooks and Where to Start added to the Links

04-08-2018 - Daniel Myers' recipe for Grewel of Almaundes added to the Medieval Recipes

04-02-2018 - Deni Dinwiddie's recipe for Heathen Cakes (Heidenische Küchen) added to the Medieval Recipes

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Cristell gely. Take swete wyn that wol hold his colour & boyle youre fisch ther yn & do ther with yn alle maners as thu dost with that othir & gheve hit none othir colour than shalt thu have hit as brygth as silvyr & serve hit forth. [Recipes from the Wagstaff Miscellany (England, 1460)] (permanent link)

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