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Medieval Cookery

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07-18-2016 - Daniel Myers' recipe for A Pudding in a Cowcumber added to the Medieval Recipes

06-30-2016 - Yonnie Travis' recipe for Wardonys in Syryp added to the Medieval Recipes

05-27-2016 - Data from An Anonymous Tuscan Cookery Book added to the Statistics from Medieval Cookbooks

05-26-2016 - Yonnie Travis' recipe for Rede Rose added to the Medieval Recipes

05-25-2016 - Data from Wel ende edelike spijse added to the Statistics from Medieval Cookbooks

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Random Medieval Recipe of the Day:

Another preparation. Take good wine and a bit of vinegar and boil them together and skim them: then put the fish in to cook; and, when it is cooked, take it out; and let the wine boil until it is reduced to a third: then put in bay leaves, saffron and fine spices, and reheat the fish, and take the wine and put in spikenard, and let the fish cool. [An Anonymous Tuscan Cookery Book (Italy, ~1400 - Ariane Helou, trans.)] (permanent link)

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