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02-13-2020 - A new transcription of the Grazer Hausbuch was added to the Online Medieval Cookbooks for Germany

07-09-2019 - James Prescott's translation of Cocboeck (Carolus Battus) added to the Online Medieval Cookbooks

06-11-2019 - Cynthia D. Bertelsen's A Hastiness of Cooks added to the Recommended Books

04-25-2019 - Yonnie Travis' recipe for Sardeyneȝ added to the Medieval Recipes

01-24-2019 - Yonnie Travis' recipe for Creme Bastarde added to the Medieval Recipes

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.Clxxv. Potews. Take pottes of erthe lytul of half a quart and fylle hem full of pomme dorryes other make wyth thyn honde, other in a molde of pottes of the self fars. put hem in watur & seeth hem up wel. and whan they buth ynowhe, breke the pottes of erthe & do the fars on the spyt & rost hem wel. & whan they bene y rosted: colour hem as pomme dorryes. make of lytul prews gode past. fry hem or rost hem wel in grece. & make ther of eeres to pottes & colour hyt, & make roses of good past & fry hem & put the steles in the hole ther the spyt was. & colour hyt wyth whyte other rede and messe hyt forth. [Fourme of Curye [Rylands MS 7] (England, 1390)] (permanent link)

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