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01-13-2017 - Yonnie Travis' recipe for Drawyn grwel added to the Medieval Recipes

01-12-2017 - Yonnie Travis' recipe for Gruelle a-forsydd added to the Medieval Recipes

01-08-2017 - Daniel Myers' recipe for Alows de Beef added to the Medieval Recipes

12-13-2016 - Yonnie Travis' recipe for Hennys in Gauncelye added to the Medieval Recipes

11-25-2016 - Yonnie Travis' recipe for Garbage (Stewed Chicken Offal) added to the Medieval Recipes

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Random Medieval Recipe of the Day:

Eating millet chills and dries the body and constipates and does not nourish well, and oats and spelt do the same.

Hirß zu essenn kelt vnd derrt vnd stopffet vnd speist nit wol, vnd das selb thut auch der habernn vnd spelt. [Das Kochbuch des Meisters Eberhard (Germany, 15th century - V. Bach, trans.)] (permanent link)

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