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Medieval Cookery

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05-04-2016 - Yonnie Travis' recipe for Gaylede added to the Medieval Recipes

04-26-2016 - C. M. Woolgar's The Culture of Food in England, 1200-1500 added to the Recommended Books

04-21-2016 - Yonnie Travis' recipe for Violette added to the Medieval Recipes

04-19-2016 - Yonnie Travis' recipe for Smale Byrdys y-stwyde added to the Medieval Recipes

04-18-2016 - Ariane Helou's translation of An Anonymous Tuscan Cookery Book added to the Online Medieval Cookbooks

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Random Medieval Recipe of the Day:

Mawmeny. Recipe brawne of capons or of hennys & dry þam wele, & taise þam small; þan take thyk mylk of almonds & put þe saide brawne þerto, & styr it wele ouer þe fyre, & seson it with suger & powder of canell, with mase & quibibs & anneys in confete, & serof it forth. [Thomas Awkbarow's Recipes (MS Harley 5401) (England, 15th century)
[based on a concordance]] (permanent link)

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